Propaganda Poster Maker

Propaganda Poster Maker

Propaganda Poster Maker

Now you can create your very own propaganda picture in two simple steps :-

1. Simply take a picture with your devices camera or retrieve one from a media file.

2. You can then add some text using the tt button on the left of the screen.

It's as simple as that. The job is done!

What to do with your picture? Save it using the red save button, or share it using the blue share button. The choice is yours.

Katie from Coventry said of my app - "That's well good"

Please enjoy it :-)

Top Tips :-

1. If your camera function has an hdr setting, then turn it on.
2. For portraits, side lighting works well, i.e. stand next to a window so one side of your face is lit better than the other.
3. Getting the light exposure just right makes all the difference.
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