The Taipei Metro’s smartphone app “GO! Taipei Metro” has officially been launched, download it now!

The app provides a Taipei Metro route map, station exit information, transfer information and a journey planner. The interface launches on the Metro map, from where you can click into the station you wish to look up.

Any anomalies or incidents on the network will be published in real time by push notification under the “important notices” section.

You can also use Taipei Metro Go to look up the schedule for the next train, and whether there are any YouBike stations nearby; look up transfer parking or transfer buses; which exit has an elevator or escalator, and which exit only has stairs; you can even use it to calculate the fastest route to your destination, so that you can plan ahead and travel at ease and with great convenience.

Download Taipei Metro Go now to help you save time by planning your trips. The Taipei Metro will also continue to add new features and upgrades for improved service.
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Go! Taipei Metro 1.1.23

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تاریخ بروزرسانی: 29 June 2017

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