The application contains tests for children of 3-4 years old. With this game you will be able to teach your children at home, in the car, on the train or in another place convenient for you. The app contains tasks which improve children speech, attention, thinking; help with math, teach about the surrounding world and many other things. Teaching children through games brings not only benefits but also pleasure. Adults should help to study with the application by reading the task and setting time to solve it. Some of the tests are no interactive, they need an oral answer to a question, which improves children speech. Most of the questions are interactive with choosing right options. Some tasks in the game involve selecting pairs of correct answers. These tasks improve children's logic. Also, there are questions in which the child should "draw" a correct answer, for example, find a way out of the maze. At first you should click on the "edit" button and then in the window appeared draw an answer with your finger or a stylus pen.
The questions are of the following types:
-- "A simple question" - the child must respond verbally.
-- "A pair of questions" - the child should choose the right pair of options.
-- "A question with variants" - the child needs to choose the right answer from the suggested ones.
-- "A question with a timer" - a child needs to remember a picture and give a correct answer about it.
-- "A complex question" - the question contains sub questions.
-- "A group question" - the objects should be grouped by some property.
-- "An art question" - a child can draw the answer with their fingers or a stylus pen.

All questions are grouped by types (themes):
- Improvement of thinking
- Improvement of attention
- Perfection of memory
- Mathematics tasks
- Improvement of speech
- Improvement of fine motor skills
- The world around us
This kid's game application is not only pleasant but also useful
Praise your child as often as you can and you will be surprised how quickly you child will develop.
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