Orion: Android Tutorial- Learn Android & Kotlin

Orion: Android Tutorial- Learn Android & Kotlin

Orion: Android Tutorial- Learn Android & Kotlin

Orion Android Tutorial guides you through, all the phases of ‘Android Programming'. Whether it is Kotlin for android or Java, Or You are beginner or Intermidiate our App is Always Helpful to you and We Will Always Keep Our "Orion: Android Tutorial- Learn Android With Example" Updated With Timely Updates.It has great in-depth information about Android Programming & Kotlin for android. Orion Android Tutorial app helps you enhance easily and interactively, without getting into all the painful information. It abstracts the details for you and helps you focus on key point required to Learn Android app Development.

What are the Benefits of New Developer Community feature in this App?

>The New Developer Community can be very beneficial for both the beginners as well as skilled Android Developers, Now this is because of Community is expanding rapidly with over 100 users connecting with us every day. Beginners can Ask their Problems by taking a picture of their code with a description.
It could be very helpfull to the skilled developers who answers questions and get followed by other developers, Software companies often searches for developers in this type of companies and a strong Profile in our app with lots of developers can help you GETTING JOB :)

Core Functionality:
• Android Tutorial
• Kotlin for Android tutorial
• Clean Android Coding Techniques
• Proper Explanation and Example
• Interactive UI
• Developer Community
• Descriptive tutorial based on elaborative tutorial and example
• Get Developer Certificate
• Professional Android Quiz and Competitions
• Reward Points for progress
• Android Programming Community
• Learn Android Programming With Example
• Post Your Questions or Soltion To Some Problem or Codes on Developer Community.
• Now Learn To Code With Other Developers
• New Tutorial and Example Every Month :)

Learn Android Programming Anywhere:-
• Discover major topics for Android app development
• Enhance learning capabilities through comprehensive Android tutorial
• Participate in quiz and compete with others
• Interact with others

Easy to learn with Tutorial example Code samples and Source Codes. Enabling others to enhance their skill and learn on their own. The app contains modules ranging from beginner level to advance level and relative data is also provided. Capture new information and trending code base and information on android.

Prerequisites: –
> Having some basic understanding of java programming.
Android Programming is completely based on java.

The app is the key tool for beginners to learn Android. Android covers a major market share. The app will help you to capture these market for your app.

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Now Works On Android Devices With Android Version 4.3 and Up:)
Learn Android and Happy Coding!
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