PhotoArts for Prisma

PhotoArts for Prisma

PhotoArts for Prisma

Are you arist? In 99% not but with this application, PhotoArts for Prisma, you are an artist in 100%
What this app is it? We can help you to apply great photo filters and effects on your images. Processing is working fully offline. You don't need to wait anymore for the result!

Our photo effects app features:
* 13 generic photo filters like sepia, negative, emboss or contrast
* 1940 artistic filters! You can choose 97 filters with 20 possible variants
* Image Chooser - you can select photo to effect from gallery or camera, both cameras are supported
* Crop your photo with the cropper, resize, zoom / out
* save photo with effect to SD Card
* share picture with your friends using social media, like insta
* themes, white and black with both orientation modes!

Our photo app is better, working offline and have more filters and possibilites. We give you artist experience.

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PhotoArts for Prisma 1.0

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