Voicegram- Telegram With Voice

Voicegram- Telegram With Voice

Voicegram- Telegram With Voice

Voicegram is developed using original open source messaging app telegram. The unique part of this app is its security and speed, its really very fast & simple to use but still very secure.

Current features:
- Theme Selection: Now you can convert your lovable app into the color you want. Complete theme can be customize just by one selection. You can change color to dark for night modes.

- Video Message: We have make it a easy approach for users to send customize video messages into groups or private chat. These is a video button on top of chat screen which opens front camera to record your message and send. Its really fast.

Its just beginning. We are continuously working hard on it to provide more many helpful features to you like:
- free voice call in group
- free video call in group
- voicemail
- voip (will be updated very soon once we finish its testing)

Apart from that, voicegram has all other features which above mentioned app already provides:
- No limit on sending messages & media (photos, videos, files)
- cloud storage
- secrete chat
- group chat
- privacy
- 100% secure
- multidevice support
- It support many languages including Persian , italic, Portuguese, Spanish, Deutsch etc.


- We have to include advertisements in voicegram so that we can get something for our developers and can continue our work on voip. It is also needed as we need servers to develop and test free voice calls features. Apologize for that.

- Voicegram is an telegram unofficial app.Please refer below links:
Base Code: http://github.com/DrKLO/Telegram
Source: http://github.com/devconcert/Telegram

Please rate us if you like our efforts. Your comments will encourage us to work hard on it.
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