Runaway Frogs is creative checkers game integrated with role, frogs as pawns and lake as board. Control you frogs jump to opposite delta region as soon as possible,
and can use powerups and hero skills. Support single player and multi-player, robot of single has very smart AI algorithm, you maybe hard to defeat robot.
Most funny checkers game and is free, welcome download and challenges!

Like Chinese Checkers. Control you frogs jump to opposite delta region as soon as possible, frogs can step jump and cross jump.
cross jump can be continues. If you want to speed up progress, can use powerups, you can go into shop to buy powerups.

Play Mode:
VS Robot: Challenge robot, exercise you IQ, but you maybe hard to defeat the robot.
VS Player: You can connect to server to play with other player. There are newer arena, junior arena, intermediate arena, senior arena to choose.
VS Friends: You can create privately owned arena, and invite your friends to join playing with you.

Frog Box:
You can select frog hero in frog box dialog , frog hero own some skills.

In mission dialog, you can view mission progress, after finish one mission, you can reward coins. missions will be refreshed in the new day.

If you have any question, please send to
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