Control VLC, using Smartphone

1. IN OUR PC Go to , download and Install VLC Player
2. IN OUR Phone Go to and search "Super VLC Remote or Super VLC Remote Free" install

4. Go to Tools / Preferences "CTRL + P" from the menu.
5. In Show settings, switch to the radio button that says All.
6. At the left, scroll and navigate to Interface / Main Interfaces.
7. From Settings of the main interface, under Extra interface modules check the box that says Web.
8. In Advances Preferences, navigate further into the settings Interface / Main Interfaces - Lua.
9. Under Lua HTTP, input a password in its respective text box, e.g. "123"
10. Afterwards, restart VLC.
If prompted by Windows Firewall, give VLC the access to public and private networks. The feature has been activated successfully.
11. The only thing that we should know is the local IP of the system which has VLC installed.

To find out the local IP
12. Go to start and type cmd. Run cmd.exe, In command prompt, enter ipconfig/all. OR
13. Look for IPv4 Address. In this example it is seen as
Taking an IP like this one, go to your smartphone’s Super VLC Remote

Add computer
Computer name, IP adress, PORT and Password

Add current directory to Playlist
Add File to Playlist

Add current directory to Playlist and play
Add File to Playlist and play

Add Online TV list to Playlist

Add Youtube video url to Playlist
Add Youtube video url to Playlist and play

Playlist Sort by item number 0-9 or 9-0, item name A-Z or Z-A and random
NOTE: if use playlist random, Vlc will be played files randomly

Create Stream
Streaming from Android devices to VLC "tested files: mp4,mp3,m4a,m4v,webm,flv,3gp"

Thank you
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