Welcome to CarrierLink- the most intuitive, hassle-free way for drivers to communicate with their freight brokerage trading partners and the Shippers. CarrierLink is a free, easy to use and time saving app for truck drivers to communicate about assigned loads without having to make check-in calls. Using the app, drivers can send automatic check calls, upload documents, and communicate about truck availability.
To get started, get in touch with your brokers or call 888 466 6958 for more details.

• Get instant notification when a load is assigned to you by shippers and brokers
• Send automatic check calls and avoid phone calls
• Upload BOL, POD, Invoice, Scale Tickets and Lumper receipts to initiate the payment process

CarrierLink - Take the new road to smarter communication for logistics and supply chain!

Terms of use: https://www.fourkites.com/drivermobileapp/Terms_Of_Use.pdf
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