Gideon Smart Home is here to make your life easier.

(Formerly Alfred Smart Home)

A connected home app that gives you full control of all your smart devices. From entertainment systems to security, heating and lighting, Gideon Smart Home is working with the leading manufacturers of Smart Home devices to simplify your home connectivity into one app.
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The features:

- Control all your Smart Home connected devices from an unique interface, from wherever you are and whenever you want;

- Share the “keys” with your family member, flatmate or guests;

- Multi-home: you can easily mange all for your properties and just move from one to another with your smartphone;

- Set your favorite Scenarios to automate your daily activities (like ''Good Night', ''Good Morning" or ''Going Out");

- The Tricks allow your Smart Home devices to communicate with each other. A set of logic rules to prevent damages, issues or to simply enhanced your productivity (IF something happens THEN do something else);

- Easily monitor the energy consumption for each connected device and for your Smart Home;

- Video surveillance: now you can record 24/7 for free from your IP security cameras and be safer;

- The Smart Management is the AI piece behind the app. Gideon is the brain of your Smart Home and will make sure that your house will respond to your need. Gideon Smart Home will helps to save money on your bills.

Gideon Smart Home is now compatible with:

- Belkin Insight Switch
- Belkin Light Switch
- Belkin Motion Sensor
- Belkin Wemo
- Fibaro Door/Window sensor
- Fibaro Flood sensor
- Fibaro Hub
- Fibaro Plug
- Fibaro Temperature sensor
- Flic
- GELight (through Philips hub)
- Generic IP Cameras
- GreenIQ sprinkler
- Honeywell Lyric Thermostat
- Insteon dimmer module
- Insteon HUB2
- Insteon Keypad dimmer 8 buttons
- Insteon Keypad dimmer 6 buttons
- Insteon Led Bulb
- Insteon OutletLinc
- Insteon Switch
- Insteon SwitchLinc dimmer
- Insteon Wired Thermostat.
- Lifx Color
- Lifx Original
- Lifx White
- Lockstate Remote Lock 500i
- Lockstate Remote Lock 5i
- Lockstate Remote Lock 6i
- Lockstate Remote Lock 7i
- Myfox Home Control
- Myfox Security Alarm
- Motorola iCam
- Musaic Smart HiFi MP10
- Musaic Smart HiFi MP5
- Nest Cam
- Nest Protect
- Nest Thermostat
- Netatmo Module
- Netatmo Thermostat
- Netatmo Weather Station
- Netatmo Welcome
- Philips Hue
- Philips Hue Go
- Philips Hue Bloom
- Philips Iris
- Philips Lux
- Philips Lightstrip
- Smarter iKettle
- SmartThings devices (blinds, door/windows, flood sensors, garage doors, lights, locks, motion sensors, plugs, presence sensors, smoke alarms, switches, temperature sensors)
- Sonos Play:1
- Sonos Play:3
- Sonos Play:5
- Wifiplug Mini
- Wifiplug Power
- Wink air conditioner (Quirky + GE)
- Wink blind (Bali, Pella, Lutron, ZWave)
- Wink door/window sensor (Quirky + GE)
- Wink flood sensor (leakSMART)
- Wink HUB
- Wink lights (Lutron, Commercial Electric, Cree, TCP, EcoSmart, Hampton Bay, Philips, Leviton, GE, Orsam, ZigBee, ZWave)
- Wink lock (Schlage, Kwikset, Weiser, ZWave)
- Wink motion sensor (GE, GoControl)
- Wink smoke alarm (Kidde, Nest)
- Wink switch (Quirky + GE)
- Wink water heater (Rheem)
- Wink water valve (leakSMART)

Enjoy your Smart Home, we're Making your life easier,

Gideon Smart Home.
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