WebView can open predefined websites very fast.
The website is presented without the browser window. (Fullscreen)
The browser session is completely in the sandbox of the Android browser or Google Chrome.

- JavaScript can be enabled or disabled.
- You can define URLs / addresses with protocol, port and path
- Share Links
- Send links to browser
- Add and remove and number of WebViews
- Authentication
- HTTPS/SSL error can be ignored
- UserAgent can be adjusted
- Google Safe Browsing (Android O or higher)

Why what permissions are needed?
- Full network access:
Full network access is necessary for the app to access websites on the internet or network.

- View network connections:
This permission is necessary for the app to check whether you can connect to the Internet or network

- Create shortcuts:
It is necessary to create shortcuts on the Homescreen
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WebView 3.2.4

نسخه: 3.2.4

تاریخ بروزرسانی: 21 June 2017

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