Accessible Dialer Talkback

Accessible Dialer Talkback

Accessible Dialer Talkback

Accessible Dialer was designed especially for blind and visual impaired people.
It is a fully functional dialer, that works by voice recognition. The dialer was designed to work smoothly with Talkback.
The App is designed to perform all the functions of a dialer, like adding new contacts, showing last calls, missed calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls , sending messages, deleting contacts and more.
The main window on the App has three buttons.
The first one is used for dialing to a contact by saying his name or dictating his phone number.
The second button is used to activate all other functions by voice.
The third button is used to activate the functionality by menu.
The App was designed to guide the user through the procedure so he wouldn't need to remember the orders. Also on every step the user can know the present status.
The App has a comprehensive help system so that every user would be able to quickly learn by himself how to work with the App.
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Accessible Dialer Talkback 6.1

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تاریخ بروزرسانی: 30 November 2016

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