HexxagonHD - Online Board Game

HexxagonHD - Online Board Game

HexxagonHD - Online Board Game

Hexxagon HD is a reinvention of a retro board game with the same name. The only task you have is to conquer more fields than your opponent, may it be an AI, your friend, or some random player from the internet.
We have two online game modes where you can play:
- either to achieve an ELO rating against everyone
- or a friendly game against your google circles.
We also added four offline game modes just in case:
- The Star collecting mode where you are measured based on how many of the predetermined fields you occupy at the end of the game (you still have to win).
- The Ranking mode where your progress is based on the difficulty of the AI you choose.
- Hotseat mode against your friends.
- Or if you prefer you can try your ELO rating skills, in Rating mode before going online and butting heads against real players.

Enjoy more than 100 different handcrafted boards, and the different game modes!
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