Dice2Dice is Fun, Addictive & Elegant Experience that Puts a New Twist on Puzzle Games!

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***About Dice2Dice***

In Dice2Dice, you’re presented with a play area featuring 36 dice (6 x 6).
Your goal is to match to at least two similarly-numbered dice that are next to each other (horizontal or vertical), and clear them from the board. Empty slots are immediately replaced with a new dice.
You can also connect similarly-numbered dice that are in a box shape. While these box combinations are worth more than connecting adjacent dice, they’re also rarer and harder to spot.

*** Swipe More, Earn More ***

The more dice that you manage to swipe from the board, the more points you earn. However, there are a limited number of moves available, and so it’s important to think strategically and make every swipe count.

*** Color-Coded Dice ***

In addition, to help you rapidly identify matches, similar-numbered dice are also similarly- colored. For example dice with “2” spots (a.k.a. pips) are all orange, dice with 6 spots are all red, and so on.

*** Connect with Facebook Friends ***

You can play to beat your own high score, or you can connect directly to your Facebook friends and see who is the best of the best!

*** Great Sound ***

We’ve also added some great sound effects to enhance your gaming experience. If you’re playing late at night, on a flight, at work, in school or anywhere else, you can mute the sound and keep in playing.

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