Sharingan Real Eyes Editor

Sharingan Real Eyes Editor

Sharingan Real Eyes Editor

Real Sharingan Eye Editor is the simplest app to apply Sharingan Eyes to your photos.
Simply take a photo using the app or import one and choose different sticker Sharingan eyes to apply from.

**How to use Real Sharingan Eye Editor :
Just open your image from gallery, drag uchiha sharingan to your eye and share it to your family and friends. Now you can choose more than one sharingan style like Mangekyo, Byakugan, Rinnegan

This is HD Real Sharingan eyes Maker!.
Create amazing photos like Sasuke Uchiha or Kakashi Hatake with this app, add your favourite Rasengan, Chidori energy, Rasengan Shuriken. Drag it to your favourite photos, share with your friends.

Intruction :
- Open image from gallery.
- Choose your favourite stickers.
- Drag it to your photo.
- You can resize and rotate it with multi touch.
- Share your photo to your friends.

Features :
- All stickers effects are in high quality (HD) picture, make your editing photo look real and nice.
- Upload photo from photo gallery.
- Save your photo to your Device.
- Share your cool photo on Facebok, IG, or other sosmed.
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