A new fanfiction reader for fanfiction.net. This app is in beta stage. While it is fairly stable, bugs do exist.

-Offline story storage
-Account integration (view favourited/followed stories and authors)
-Intuitive browsing of fanfiction.net's stories and crossovers
-Post reviews of stories
-Search integration
-Fast story loading with background loading of remaining chapters

-View your submitted stories and their stats
-Data sync across devices
-Private messaging

This free app is supported by a closeable banner ad that appears when a story is shown. In app purchases permission is to allow completely optional donations to remove the ad. The app will never bug you for donations.

Suggestions are more than just accepted; they are encouraged! Please email me suggestions!

Change Log:

-New comprehensive filters layout for browsing and searching

-Story bookmarking returned
-Numerous thread safety fixes for unconventional app operation
-This update has a major database reworking and will clear all saved stories from the database.

-Major change to the way stories are loaded, displayed, stored, and navigated
-Default screen is now "Categories" instead of "My Account"
-App launch is much faster
-Saved stories now actually work properly
-Numerous bugfixes

-Improved speed
-Numerous bugfixes
-Added lots of information when you select a story while searching or browsing
-Cleaned up the story summary view

-Iconography improvements
-Added the ability to post reviews
-Fixed some crashes
-Added some extra data verification
-Users can now select dark theme

-Minor bugfixes
-Added notification to let users know when there has been a problem contacting fanfiction.net. It seems that some users have been getting refused connections from fanfiction.net. This is not something that we can account for. This happens when you are refused by fanfiction.net's server (very rare).
-Better exception handling

-Group saved stories by fandom
-Only expand one story at a time when browsing

-Fix incorrect ad display
-Hide progress bar on a story when navigating back to story

-Add ability to donate to remove ads. This is not mandatory in any way shape or form. The ad is still closeable and the app will still never bug you for reviews or donations.

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