Enduro Tracker - real-time GPS tracker

Enduro Tracker - real-time GPS tracker

Enduro Tracker - real-time GPS tracker

Initially developed as GPS tracker to see friend's location during Enduro activities. Сan be easily used to monitor your car, child or even pet, or any other cases or sport activities to see group mates on the map in real time, or just share your journey.

Key features:
- Lightweight and easy to use.
- Up to once per second (1Hz) location refresh rate.
- No registration is required.

App displays members only with the same 'Group name' parameter. So, to see your friends only, set your 'Group name' in settings and share it with your friends. You can also send invitation link, which already contains 'Group name'.

Can work as a beacon (transmitter) and as a tracker (receiver).
If Beacon is on - app sends current GPS position to server using mobile data.
As a Tracker app receives group member's location and displays them on the map.

Tracker also shows speed, direction, GPS accuracy and latest update time shift for the selected member.
App can draw path using received members points.

GPS position update time (refresh rate) by default is the fastest that your device can provide. Usually it is about 1 time per second (~1Hz). (Can be changed in settings).

Tracks can be saved and loaded from GPX files.

App shows Your device GPS refresh rate in a status.

Supported Metric (meters, km, km/h) and Imperial (feet, miles, mph) measurement units.

Currently supported Android 4 and above.

Please ensure mobile data is active in a sleeping mode! Battery savers utilities switch off mobile data after some time screen is off. Please turn off battery saving mode or remove Enduro Tracker and Google Services Lib from "battery optimization" list.

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