COLOR STRIP PUZZLE SWITCH on Google play store is amazing color switching game of 2016, move ball from colorful switching strips and win puzzle by passing more color switching strips. It’s an exciting casual game for players of every age. Just push an install button to put the magic into your Android device. Play COLOR STRIP PUZZLE SWITCH to master it.

COLOR STRIP PUZZLE SWITCH is quite challenging game for people of all age group. You must cross through right color strip to get through multi-colored strips switching so fast. Try to collect stars in each obstacle. These stars will help you to boast your game play further.
Come on players with COLOR STRIP PUZZLE SWITCH, take puzzle challenge and compete with your competent. All you need to do is to pass the ball wisely in COLOR STRIP PUZZLE SWITCH.
However, COLOR STRIP PUZZLE SWITCH seems easy but it’s hard to master, it can’t be that easy, and it isn’t. In between the start and end points, there are many different types of color strips that the ball needs to pass through. The color of the ball must match the color strips from which it is passed; in short, the color of the obstacles must match the color of the ball.
Caution: If ball tries to pass through obstacle of any other color mismatch with the ball. BOOM!! it will get destroyed. Be careful while passing ball through obstacles in order to finish the level successfully.
Collect shapes by keeping track of stars, to purchase new shapes and by collecting more shapes. These shapes help you to achieve more score in leaderboard, give your friend HIGH FIVE and collect as many achievements as you can. Don’t forget to grab stars in every level to be at the top
Bring some time for yourself and relax your mind by playing amazing puzzle game of the COLOR STRIP PUZZLE SWITCH. It’s just easy to play but hard to master. Take a challenge and prove your skills by taking the color ball towards finish point. More interesting levels are yet to come in sooner updates.
Challenge mode: Multiple challenging puzzle levels to pass one after another. pa each level successfully and reach the finish point.
Time mode: Keep track of your time; get through the obstacles and cross the finish line.
Update us with your kind reviews for further improvement.

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