Police Car Chase Criminal Case

Police Car Chase Criminal Case

Police Car Chase Criminal Case

Become notorious police officer and catch underworld most wanted criminals in USA crime city. Play Police Car Chase Criminal Case 3D, finish Police patrol around city to arrest grand gangsters involved in illegal activities.

Criminal mafia has taken New York city for their hidden crimes. Cop department has sent many officers to shoot and kill dangerous gangsters but nobody got courage to arrest killers. City mayor give an ultimatum to eradicate criminal thrash from NY streets and bring reckless gangsta behind bars. Get into cop car, press accelerator and drive fast towards New York. With your rooftop car stunt skills, chase terrorists in critical battlefield.

Smash criminal cars in open world undercover police game missions. You have to arrest highway gangsta involved in auto theft & prison escape. As an invulnerable executer, hit and chase gangster car with real skilled hill climb racing legend style. In this epic rage police car simulator, take thrilling pursuit to provide justice to Usa crime city innocent citizens. If you are fan of racing car simulator, buckle up to race in three different cop cars and go get badass criminals.

In this crime simulator, hit bank robbers vehicles with your fearless car driving school skills. Every time you hit them, their life decreases. Tighten up to hit San Andreas ruthless thugs car and become heroic police officer. As you are under special task unit, take police force to lockdown furtive gangstars in Alcatraz jail. Be ready for endless amount of fun and adrenaline filled action in capturing bad guys by smashing criminal car rather than riding on police motorcycle.

Features of Police Car Chase Criminal Case 3D:
10 car chase missions to kill criminals in different ways.
Three bad police cars to select from.
Realistic open world in big city environment.
Catch criminals in outstanding cop quad cars.
Test your insane driving skills in police chase simulation.
HD graphics & epic sound effects.

Download Police Car Chase Criminal Case 3D right now and become legendary cop officer of police squad and smash cars to kill criminals.

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