This game is sure to impress even the most serious people. Help the monster to find his dear friends.

The adventure begins in the distant cosmos. Little monster has lost all of his friends and wants to find them. To do this he will need to go to space adventure. If you want to help him, go with him gallop from planet to planet, collect the coins and you will find all the lost friends.

 The meaning of the game is very simple, manage monster and jump on the planets. But do not think that it would be too easy. Planets rotate at different speeds and keep on them is not so easy. Calculate the right moment and jump to the next planet. But do not forget about the coins, without them you will not collect the full collection of monsters. Each jump will be considered, and the longer you will jump the more points you get. The best result will be recorded and you can always improve it, alone or with your friends.
 Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of space, jump on planets with little monsters, collect the coins and set new records!

• unusual gameplay
• colorful cosmic world with strange planets
• cute monsters
• Easy operation
• Endless game mode
• Records table

How to play:
Push your finger in any point of the screen, to jump. Calculate the right time to jump.
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