Folding cubes so that they burst at one time!

Meet the newest puzzle unparalleled! A game consists of a plurality of blocks of funny that needs to be moved so that they are connected in a line of three or more. If you connect the cubes of the same color, they will burst and they will drop other cubes. It is necessary to make only one motion to serially connected blocks of three and burst. In some more complex levels is necessary to make two or three movements to the whole structure of the cubes gently beginning to take shape.
 The puzzle consists of 350 levels, all of them are well designed and thought out, the game just six cubes of different colors. You can always use a hint, if you can not pass on their own level. Comfortable settings are located right on the playing field.
 Bright graphics, nice interface, cute characters and nice music. All this you will find only in our game. A great way to train your brain and the rest from the worries. Suitable for all ages, and totally free game!

• funny cubes;
• A fun puzzle;
• consists of 350 levels;
• a six-pack of different colors;
• Convenient settings;
• bright graphics;
• beautiful interface;
• cute characters;
• pleasant music;
• suitable for all age groups;
• absolutely free game;
• Excellent physics;
• gaming tips.

How to play:
You need to move the blocks to put together the same three in a row. Number of relevant passages written at the bottom of the screen.

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