PrimalCraft - Survive & Craft

PrimalCraft - Survive & Craft

PrimalCraft - Survive & Craft

PrimalCraft is the original “free to play” sandbox game, where you can craft your own cube world.
PrimalCraft is the game about crafting and building, you can explore different ancient cities. Immerse yourself in the cube universe where torch, pickaxe, and cobblestone are the survival base. Gather resources, decay blocks, and find food to stay alive.
You can craft many tools like the pickaxe, shovel, and hoe to find resources in the caves or mines quickly. In the PrimalCraft you can find many ores in mines and craft many different items using them.

Choose your type of the world:
- Creative: Try yourself as a builder that creates terrain and shelters. Explore all the beauty of the world. It's the place to implement your imagination where nothing limits your possibilities.
- Survive: It's the way for the brave ruthless getter. There are a lot of wild animals which treat you only as food, so be cautious. Explore life in the untouched nature.
You can clone and spawn creatures using eggs in both modes.

This game is for all the people interested in the craft, survival in an ancient world constructed of blocks and unlimited possibilities.
Explore your own world, based on creating and crafting. Create anything you want in the cubic universe.
It’s totally free! Adventures are waiting for you here!
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