maps for clash of clans

maps for clash of clans

maps for clash of clans

Maps for Clash of Clans or base layout for coc is a collection of +200 new Maps for player of Clash of Clans is a coc base strategy helper application for COC maps ( best and news coc base ).

Get the best maps or layout for Clash Of Clans.
Maps here are based on Strategy and Guide for Clash of Clans.
Make sure your base is defended from attack!

- Effective & tricky hybrid base layouts to hold your trophies!
- Strong & hard war base layouts to block the enemy!
- Attractive & perfect farming base layouts to save resources easily !
- best base designs for Town Hall from level 1 to 11 ( defense town hall)
- maps for coc you can download
- best maps for coc

Help us to rate this app with 5 stars and leave great reviews, so we will always update news coc maps!
Maps for the game are important because correct placement of the COC maps for defense can give alots of points to help stall for time while avoiding losses. this app contain download maps , prompt where it is better to put and why, because the importance has verified the alignment of best bases for clash of clans.

To make it easier to good base layouts for clash of clans, it is recommended to clash of clans base design separate application and choose the most appropriate option . As a rule, the clash of clans defense guide for clan wars has already been built and more than once – because the players really a lot – and thus they can Orient. Actually, this is probably the most reliable cheat on troop.

these applications can also be Guide COC especially in the case of arranging the base layout or defensive formation in that currently tenga crowded.

Base Design TIPS :
Are you farming or hunting trophies?

If you're farming (not recommended until you've got the hang of the game) then position your Town Halloutside of your walls . Many people (especially people who are looking for trophies) will attack that Town Hall and quit the battle. This means that all your resources will remain safe and sound where they are. In addition to placing the Town Hall outside of your walls, make sure to place your storages at the very center of your base so enemies will have a very hard time getting to your resources.

If you're trophy hunting, then protect your Town Hall at all costs by putting it in the center, placing defenses around it, making sure you have extra walls around it, etc. Also make sure that you don't have 50% of your buildings outside of walls, because your opponents can pick off those buildings (with archers) and get one star by doing so.

So in a nutshell, position the structures you want to protect most (usually gold/elixir storages, or the town hall) in the middle, within firing range of all your defences.

Place mines and collectors outside of this. (Drills are for Dark Elixir, raiders can steal 75% of your collected Dark Elixir, so put them in your walls.) By positioning them on the outside like this, your defences can focus on defending your most important buildings. They will still attack enemy units within range.

Follow these with misc. buildings that won't give resources but act as buffers to your resources(e.g. builder's huts, labs). This lets long range defensive structures like mortars and archer towers deal some extra damage to troops.


" Maps for Clash of clans" is an unofficial App for Clash of clans . " Maps for Clash of clans" is not affiliated in any way with Supercell . The Clash of clans Name, the Clash of clans Brand are all property of Supercell or there respectful owner. All rights reserved.

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