NOTE: This app is for enterprise IT Admins using Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) or Knox Configure (KC).

The Knox Deployment App is uniquely designed to help you streamline the enterprise deployment of your Samsung phones and tablets.

• IT Admins need to have applied for and set up a username and password for Knox Configure or Knox Mobile Enrollment before they can use the Knox Deployment App.
• Your devices must support NFC. Please check your device specification.
• You must have at least one profile configured in Knox Configure or Knox Mobile Enrollment portal.

IT Admins can use this app to enroll additional employee devices to their EMM and Knox Configure portal. This application streamlines your deployment, when:
• You want to enroll a small number of devices.
• Your device reseller does not participate in the Knox Deployment Program (KDP).
• You are testing a small number of devices before placing a bulk order with a KDP participating reseller.

Learn more about Knox Mobile Enrollment:

Learn more about Knox Configure:
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