Super Mari World: Super Run 2017 The funny adventure about super bros boy run in super jungle world kingdom. In this classic world. Super mari bros boy must run to win target level.

Super Mari world 2017 is classic old school platform adventure bros game(from 1985).

1 - Cool graphics, great animation.
2 - Smooth game play and controller
3 - Lively sound and great effects
4 - Four worlds to discover (forest, desert, ice, castle and under water world)
5 - A lot of enemies and traps
6 - Classic game experience (1985 years)
7 - 30+ Level and more coming soon!

Mari's mission is simple but very fun. You control Mari by tapping as he constantly runs forward or backward to pass all super world while run and jump. Try to use your jumping skills to squish all enemies on your way. But carefully, some of them can't squish. Then, you must use your collected apple bonus to shot them. Through all worlds, sometimes you need to find out hidden water bonus maps and brick bonus. They will help you get more power items, making it easy to win the game. Also, some levels need your brainstorming and clever run and jump to pass,... And the more and more exciting thing is waiting for you to discover.

1 - Tap left to run left,
2 - Tap right to run right
3 - Tap shoot up to shoot
4 - Tap down to shitdown or move down pipe
5 - Tap Up to jump

Download Super Mari World kingdom and play it! Hope you enjoy it.
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