Telegram with Facecon

Telegram with Facecon

Telegram with Facecon

More fun in Telegram!
Create more and more emoticons by yourself!
A brand new concept of messenger app,
When Facecon meets Telegram, you can chat with self-created emoticons and even share to your friends!

★ Security Strengthen (Secret chatting / Password lock)
-Password setting for your privacy of chatting.

★ My Own Emotion: Facecon
- Chatting with your own animated emoticons created by yourself with Facecon.

★ Free Emotions from Artists!
- Full of different styles and trendy emoticons in Facecon.

★ Unique and Elegant Design
- Simple and easy design for users.

★ What is Facecon?
- An app you can create your own animated emoticons by yourself with your face!
- Just take a selfie and click! It’s done!
- Easy to make, easy share!
- Put your face into different styles of emotions and make your own emoticons with Facecon!

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Telegram with Facecon 1.0.4

نسخه: 1.0.4

تاریخ بروزرسانی: 11 September 2016

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