TripEveryDay Maps & Navigation

TripEveryDay Maps & Navigation

TripEveryDay Maps & Navigation

TripEveryDay is map and navigation application with access to free maps. With GPS functionality in your device TripEveryDay offers routing, with optical and voice guidance, for car and bike.

Some of the new and innovative features:

Automatic Trip Detection: Just dock your device in your vehicle and after starting TripEveryDay app, you don’t even need to touch it to start a trip recording – as your vehicle speeds up, app will detect trip starting and when speeds down it will either stop or continue your current trip.

This also helps learning frequent WayPoints you visit and automatic recording of trips that can be used in future to (also Reverse) follow recorded trips when 3G Network is unavailable - and especially for long Routes.

3D View: You’ll be able to see a small 3D Map on the top-right side of screen, and this 3D Map will rotate automatically depending on orientation of your device – and always display front area of city in map. So that when driving and following a route, you can exactly see – next turn angle of your route and just move steering in that direction.

Street Name Speak: At every changed area of your vehicle during driving – Geocoding of that area will be spoken.
Spoken Information of Trip Starting and Ending – with their tick count information.

Some of main features:

• Works online with 3G networks to compute route.
• Turn-by-turn voice guidance. (Works in Pro Version Only)
• Step-by-Step division of route and voice guidance for that particular step of route related street behavior.
• Automatic re-routing when you deviate from route. (Works in Pro Version Only)
• See progress of your current step of route related distance, traveled distance compared to whole length of route and time elapsed in trip in comparison to estimated trip time depending on speed. (Works in Pro Version Only)

Map Viewing:
• Display your position on map – and a car pointer rotated to forward driving direction.
• Can display specialized online tile maps from (ArcGIS World - Imagery 2D Map, Street Map,Topo Map , Bing Map - Hybrid, Satellite Map , Google Map - Satellite, Terrain Map , Open Street Map - MapQuest , Ovi Map - Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain Map , Wikimapia Map, Yahoo Map - Hybrid, Satellite Map , Yandex Map - Satellite Map)
• Way Point Display on Map (Just double tap at any position to add a Way Point and Long Press to see related Information).
• Offline map support for download for selected regions (Works in Pro version only).

Great Search facility:
• Search for places by name, address, contact name, wide range of POIs in some radius.
• And you can mix/unmix in way you want to search any of Place Name with Place Radius or Place Type/Category. So that you’ll always get information you needed the way you want.
• Search Places around you or some distant waypoint.
• Some place details results will contain International Phone Numbers and Web site address. So use them directly from TripEveryDay app.
• Just click on the result to display or hide that location. (Works in Pro version only).

WayPoint and Trip Management:
• Unlimited Waypoints and Trips.
• Waypoints can be displayed or hidden or deleted or searched within their collection. And when you’re near some waypoint your device with Text-to-speech functionality will speak Near Alert Text related to that waypoint.
• Share Location from created WayPoints.
• Recorded Trips can be displayed when you want to travel to same destination that you earlier did with online Navigation and so that at the current trip – you can easily follow that route from 3D View.
• Recorded Trips are stored as KML files in your storage with date and beginning and ending location and trip no. information.
• Recorded Trips can be searched from within date range and from their beginning and ending waypoints.

Fast and Easy user interface: So that Map will be always displayed no matter what you’re doing in app features.

Compass and Speedometer and Map Zoom level support.

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