Galaxy in 2069, the development, the population explosion of the planets in the solar system occurred too quickly leads to the exhaustion of natural resources, instead of seeking remedial, create new sources of energy they plunge into wars Jewel Galaxy Mania.

Jewel Galaxy Mania has 2 modes with over 300 exciting gameplay!

Classic mode: the players have just enough to score required is possible up to the new level, help you entertain with these colorful jewel.
Arcade mode: Mode for the "mine's godfather of digging", with this scenario, you do not just reach the minimum number of points to the screen but also must perform the task in a given time. This is also to challenge the "mine's godfather of digging" subtle and quickly observation.

Based on the traditional Match 3 diamond game, but Jewel Galaxy Mania has been developed by the Engine Unity 3D, bring extremely great graphics and effects.

To achieve the maximum score the player must try to match the Jewel Park together and create impressive explosive effect:
Jewel Lighting : the Jewel will appear randomly on the screen, after destroying them will explode under the corresponding dimension.
Jewel Boom : When combining 4 members Jewel together will create Jewel Boom, when detonated, would destroy the Boom Member Jewel Jewel around him.
Jewel Mania : When combining 5 Jewel horizontally/vertically would create Jewel Mania. This is the most powerful Jewel Park, can destroy the Jewel of the same type in the display.

Jewel Galaxy Mania -the secret behind these effects. Not merely a recreational game that also is challenging the brain weight, you have to calculate every move to combine the special Jewel together, expressing the exquisite and powerful through the enhanced effect of utmost quality:
♦ When you combine 2 Lighting Jewel together will explode in four directions and destroyed the gem is located on the route of the globe Lighting.
♦ If combining two Jewel together, 1 large explosion will demolish all stages of Jewel Galaxy Mania with 25 gem comes to score public relations made many people dream of
♦ What will be like if you combined a Jewel and a Boom Lighting Jewel? They would create a blast fired in four directions, with enhanced power over human

♦ More suprise is when you combine a Jewel Mania with Jewel Boom or a Lighting jewel. By the power of the Mania Jewel, it will transform all the normal Jewel on the screen to the Jewel which was intense culture respectively, if lucky, you can reverse the situation.
♦ Most especially, when combining the two Mania Jewel together, an energy wave will sweep the whole screen, all will disappear just left those impressive figures constantly plus into your score.

Today's old people often witness the struggle between good and evil, the war of the wicked, but the fight of the invaders back rarely know The carnage, the intrigue of tricks, the profit target only premeditation, 6 planets, 6 bloody wars which require the barons are shown to be a strong Data has its sphere is the bearing on the DC ultimate victory? Whether dark energy resources will belong to the hand? The answer will be in Jewel Galaxy Mania.

Jewel Galaxy Mania, the game is not new but full of fun with the advantages of surprise exit in the world of Jewel. So don't wait any longer without quick ABO free game downloads on the machine to be able to show your observations as well as his exceptional acumen follicles.
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