Next Trucking is changing the trucking industry by enabling truckers to connect with shippers directly to get Owner Operators and Carriers their next truck loads to fill up their trucks. The Next Trucking App was designed for truckers creating a platform that gives them opportunities to access better work and better pay. Instead of constantly looking for jobs, truckers get the exact job that they want through NEXT’s truckload app by posting their capacity and rates to get loads more efficiently.
Creating a transparent online trucking marketplace, Next Trucking will fix the inefficiencies in how many truckers are getting loads and creating a better supply chain process through enabling truckers to move more freight efficiently finding Full Truckloads to fill their Dry Vans, Reefers, and Flatbeds. Truckers and Dispatchers can easily manage their routes by posting their immediate availability or post for a future job for a return load home. Truckers don’t have to drive with their truck empty.
Owner operators and dispatcher of small fleets can use the Next Trucking (Nexttrucking, Nextrucking,Nextuck) mobile app to post their capacity and preferred destinations and desired rates to connect directly with business shippers who are in search of real time availabilities and competitive pricing for the delivery of their cargo.
To get started, Truckers have to complete the application and vetting process by uploading required compliance documents directly on the Next Trucking App or signing to our website Once approved truckers simply turn on the app and offer a job by entering your preferred routes, destinations, and desired pay rate and the Next Trucking Business Intelligence will connect you to direct shippers with the job that matches your preferences.

The new chat function in the mobile application is dedicated to help carriers and dispatchers connect immediately, and dispatchers will be able to manage fleets and access even more accurate real time information with this direct form of communication. With the new chat function, users can instantly add a friend or contact by scanning your QR code or inputting the user’s ID number, send voice messages with the new walkie talkie function and share your location with users.

Furthermore, Next Trucking offers a 40% fuel advance before the driver is even on the road!

For Carriers:

• Connect directly with shippers
• Only receive jobs that match your requirements (desired pay, preferred route, etc.)
• Paperless billing and account management. No need to create invoice in order to get paid.
• Get paid quicker by selecting our QuickPay option for payment within 48 hours.
• Fuel advance service (EFS or Comdata)
• Earn more (You select the pay and rate you want for each job)

For Shippers:
Shippers benefit from assessable capacity from pre-screened, experienced, and well vetted Truck Drivers across the U.S.  Our shippers can expect to easily find qualified truckers with availability to move their freight at great competitive prices. The Next Trucking App will give shippers full transparency and visibility with every step of the shipping process. Shippers don’t have to make multiple calls into Dispatch to find out the status of their important freight.
Shippers will also have access to proof of delivery and all the necessary paperwork in real time once the shipment has been delivered and completed. No more chasing truckers and making multiple calls/emails to get shipments covered.

New Chat Function:

• Instantly connect with friends, dispatchers, and customer service
• Hands free voice messaging system to provide safe driving
• Share location
• Create one-on-one or group messages
• Send multimedia files and fun emoticons
• Fleet management

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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