Klika favorites cool contacts

Klika favorites cool contacts

Klika favorites cool contacts

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Klika is a special kind of widget that lets you call, message and Whatsapp your contacts in a tap. From any app, you just scroll down to your notifications – and there they are: your favorites, most contacted and recent contacts – ready for you to connect – easy and fast.

Untill today – you had to exit the app you're using, go into your contacts app, search for your contacts name, and then call or message him. Not smart! Now, your contacts are a tap away. Every time you want to check your notifications – you'll see your friend's and family's faces smiling at you, ready to communicate with you the moment you want to. You don't need to leave your navigation app or exit your game. Just scroll and tap.

It's free, it's fast, it's cool.

But there's more! BIG SURPRISE: If your friends download Klika – you'll be able to see the status of their phone, without calling: You'll see they're on a call, silent mode, vibrate mode, low battery, have no internet connection, are switched off, in another timezone somewhere around the world and more!
When you see your contact is on a call, you can tap on "notify me" and you'll get a message the moment they finish their call! HOW COOL IS THAT???

It's easy to change the settings and choose what's most comfortable for you. Switch around your contacts and find the best way for you to connect.

Join us on Facebook for news and tell us what you think, we're just waiting for you to KLICK your suggestions!
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