Road Fighter - 8 bit classic game. Let's overcome challenges and complete the race!

Road Fighter just is simple Car Racing game.
Have 3 options for you:
1. Tilt your device left and right to adjust the cars to pass other racers.
2. Touch to left/right of screen.
3. Swipe on the screen.

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حجم فایل
18 مگابایت
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آرشیو نسخه های Road Fighter
Road Fighter 3.0.1

نسخه: 3.0.1

تاریخ بروزرسانی: 11 January 2017

دانلود (18 مگابایت)

Road Fighter 3.0

نسخه: 3.0

تاریخ بروزرسانی: 22 July 2016

دانلود (18 مگابایت)

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