"Dash Lite is a very fun, challenging but also addictive 2D platformer that is definitely worth trying out"

"The visual style of this game is quite unique in a way; it’s both minimalistic, yet very detailed"

Dash Lite is a minimalist fast paced 2D action game where you find yourself at the dawn between two opposed worlds. These magnificent worlds are separated by a Mirror, an incredible Mirror through which you can jump!

See how much you can resist on one Mirror side but if the obstacles become impossible then jump to the other side!

Have fun in this ridiculously fun game and jump up, jump down, jump in and jump around!


◉ Multiple funny characters;

◉ Simple to play, difficult to master;

◉ Progress-based achievements;

◉ Catch diamond to unlock levels;

◉ Beautiful themed music

Free all!
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