This Army Guide is intended to be a straight-forward and intuitive guide to the United States Army. Use this application to expand your knowledge, brush-up on the fundamentals, or to prepare for a promotion/Soldier of the month board. The US Army has many facets to learn and remember. You can't be expected to know it all, but you can arm yourself with a thorough reference that can give you a heads up. Focused on accurate information, this Army reference aims to be the most complete guide available!

This reference includes:
APFT Calculator
Army Regulations
Field Manuals
DA Forms
Basic Training Smart Card
General Orders
Army Values
Physical Readiness Training (PRT)
Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills
Code of Conduct
Army Songs
Study Guide
And More...

Whether you are new to the US Army or a seasoned Veteran, this guide is your multi-tool! New content is being added regularly. Go forward with a more confident grasp of these Army concepts and be a knowledgeable leader!
Please feel free to suggest additional information or to inform me of errors!

Note: Bugle calls will not work on Android 4.4 and below.
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