Taxi Driver: Criminal Case

Taxi Driver: Criminal Case

Taxi Driver: Criminal Case

You was a taxi-driver, such as thousands of others as you. But one day you decided to ride one client with a strange story. That is when starts your own mystery story full of adventures and dangerous quests. This case will become a new frontier of your life experiences.

Only one moment will change your life entirely. Could you imagine yourself solving a criminal story case? It’s time to show all your skills, not only racing and fighting, but also a shooting and spying. Don’t be angry or don’t think that this story will take five or seven nights. Like real clash in the criminal world it might take a long period of time.

Think wisely about your actions. You are the main person to suspect now.
It’s a new challenge, where things can go strange.
Find all hidden details of this case of crime.
Clear your name and don’t let police to catch you!
Decide quickly where to find all details to solve this case.

It seems that you got into a troubling situations. Who said that taxi-driver job can’t be mysterious and thrilling? Now you should slip away not only from gang members, but also from police. Why? Find out in our game - Taxi Driver: Criminal Case!

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Taxi Driver: Criminal Case 1.0.0

نسخه: 1.0.0

تاریخ بروزرسانی: 2 December 2016

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