Addictive Car Racing - Hill Climbing and Off Road Game

Face the hurdles of hill and off road climbing terrain with many different cars and vehicles. Gain points / coins / bonuses from challenging tricks. Use the earned coins to upgrade your vehicle and reach new heights. Its an addictive 2D Car Racing. Climb Hill, Off road Terrain with Speed & Skilful Manoeuvring.

- Watch out for tough climbing hurdles and reach the destination without running out of gasoline.
- Amazing graphics
- Different automobiles with different configuration such as engine, suspension, tires (tyres) and four-wheel drive (4-WD)
- Various stages with increasing difficulty level such as desert, countryside, rollercoaster etc
- Social Sharing features - Scores and Screenshot with your friends, family and colleagues
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Off Road Climbing - Car Racing 1.1.3

نسخه: 1.1.3

تاریخ بروزرسانی: 27 June 2017

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