Paris Tourist Travel Guide

Paris Tourist Travel Guide

Paris Tourist Travel Guide

Free Paris offline guide using GPS localization. The guide has a cultural connotation. It presents landmarks (360), often in a historical context and organizes itineraries for the city discovery (32). This is possible thanks to geolocation and the automatic rotation of the map in the right direction provides an indispensable comfort along the way.
The objective is to overtake the usual tourist itinerary, museums, department stores, central squares, and to make comparisons between the big cities of the western world, while strolling around.

The application presents also some restaurants (200) and some shops (100), but unlike the major part of the guide it’s a secondary function. JSGuide does not pretend to the completeness of the good tips and has strictly no link with the bussineses mentioned.
The retrieval of several hundred public toilets and a subway plan completes the supply.
The application works in portrait mode on smartphone or tablet; Do not block the display in landscape.

A detailed procedure is included in the application.

Please send me an email if you have any problems or improvements to propose. You can also support the initiative by rating the app.
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