Mind Map Google Drive

Mind Map Google Drive

Mind Map Google Drive

Get tired of the clutter in Your Google Drive? Total mess of documents, sheets and You do not remember which file was made for?

Organize your Google Drive files the way whatever you want by using Mind Map technique.

Put Your Google Drive document node to the screen. Provide it by well defined label and description. Supply it with important URL to meaningfull in context of your documents Web resources. Set nodes with different colors. Connect it with related document nodes into logically sensible Mind Map.

Use it like a knowlege base of logically interconnected Google Drive documents. Or just attach motivating image to each Mind Map node and use it for goal setting. Set color to them to track progress and increase your passion to achieve goals. For example light Green color for low progress will help You visually separate it from more deep green well progressing goals.

Single Mind Map nodes can be easily put to multi level maps. This can help reduce Mind Map complexity for large maps.

Important information will always keep at hand. And can be easily accessed through one click:
* Label and short description
* Attached Google Drive document
* Submap of lower level

Get application right now and put it to rights!

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