welcome to dodgey gang color new play switch for the junior and senior .
The stages of a very difficult but interesting toys toy personalities and Nttm day and forms of cuisine gross .
The colors dodgey and music and comfortable to me all ages.
And a way to play shopkins toy well known all my pressure.
Young children's entertaining well.
For adults it is entertaining and fun trash .
The method, which was formed grossery by moose a good play because it Stertejia where concentration and patience, and my sense of touch and compare the colors dodgey of my smooth passage toy.
- How to play

* Click on the screen for me
* You must be the passage of similar colors to me gang trash
* You collect many stars gross must outweigh your friends.
* Share with your friends kids to compete with them on the first rank for toys toy.
* Gather a large number of the stars of me change personalities shopkin.

We thank you for playing the game color dodgey gang
Because we awake to be adjusted to your enjoyment for grossery toy
Download color dodgey gang and play a more active my new ideas grossery that have been added to me this new play.
Enjoy the game of the year in 2017.
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