criminal case : criminal mind

criminal case : criminal mind

criminal case : criminal mind

criminal case criminal mind is game play like you are a crime justice and solve different crime case in real life. to Find Who are a Real criminal.
"criminal case criminal mind" it is a hidden object to find a clue of criminal to attempt a murder and find evidence then guess and Agent find who is a criminal
in case of murderer. solve a murder mystery case to this game with different 10 level and improve your detective skills through this game.
"Crime case Crime Justice" in this game different place Play through different scenes and challenging puzzles solve in every level.

* Crime case Crime Justice look evidence and guess criminal. also police give punishment to criminal Share with friends using social media.
* improve your detective skills to solve different Puzzles.
* Introduce witnesses and suspects on public to who is the real murderer in time limit.
* Investigation Agent find murder of different scenes in one town and arrest real criminal.
* Give Punishment to the killer and give justice to innocent person.
* Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence.
* using Puzzle Sole the case.
* More Interesting ,More FUN.
* BEST GAME For Investigation Agent.
* Find Object In Different COLOR Combination.
* use Your BRAIN to Solve The Case PUZZLE.

PLEASE NOTE – Crime case Crime Justice is completely free to play, No in-app for any type of purchase. Enjoy with this game to correct your detective skill

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criminal case : criminal mind 1.0.3

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