Find My Phone - Phone Locator

Find My Phone - Phone Locator

Find My Phone - Phone Locator

Find My Phone – Your Lifesaver

Find My Phone will turn into your personal lifesaver whenever you need to track of find a phone that belongs to your relatives and friends. Find My Phone is an essential Phone locator that has practically the same features as another award-winning location apps. At the same time, our Phone locator differs from other applications and brings a set of amazing features to the users directly. You will have a chance to track the current position of any device within your personal circle and receive all necessary data in real time.

Phone locator makes it easy to handle several tasks at the same time. On the one hand, it comes as a handy Family finder every time you need to keep in touch with your kids and relatives. On the other hand, it may act as the Mobile location tracker whenever you need to find a stolen or lost device and save your money.

Amazing Functions and Features

Opting for our Family monitoring app means getting a chance to handle any of the following tasks:
✰ Use implemented GPS location tracking system to identify the exact location of any device;
✰ Receive precise and real-time data delivered by GPS location tracking app whenever your family members arrive or leave;
✰ GPS location tracking system will let you keep the record of all places visited by tracked devices;
✰ Send messages and notifications using our Family locator;
✰ Create group chats and arrange parties knowing that everyone will be on time;
✰ Control the speed limit and receive alerts and notifications sent by our Cell phone finder.

Locate My Phone App to Keep Your Kids Away from Troubles

Locate my phone application will be a good choice in case you really care about your kids and friends. It comes with the following benefits:
✰ Location history – you can keep the record of all locations visited by a tracked family member. You will always know the exact location of your kids even if they do not answer the phone;
✰ Emergency notifications and alerts – once you have created your personal circle, you can define the restricted area. Every time a user leaves the area, you will receive a notification or alert in case your kid exceeds the speed limit;
✰ Track lost or stolen devices – kids often lose their stuff. Smartphones are not an exception. Our application will be a good solution to this problem. It will let you track the exact position of the device that has been lost or stolen;
✰ Latest GPS technologies – our developers have implemented some of the advanced navigation technologies that deliver the most precise information in real time.

We never stop developing our service. Our programmers regularly come with essential updates and service modifications. The application is free for download.

Note: Don't forget to check if GPS location services are ON on your device as it's a mandatory condition for your application to work properly. Find My Phone is battery -friendly GPS phone tracker app and optimized for daily use, it may take up-to 5% of your battery life.

Important: The installation of phone tracker, without the consent of the person whose personal gadget is being tracked, is considered a violation. Also continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Find My Phone and start tracking your family and friends.
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