Crushmania is the new, free way to meet people who are interested in you! You can chat with people and meet new people.

Create your profile now and search your society to join your friends and instantly start meeting and chatting with people near you! Make new friends and meet new people.

(Soon)You will share your thoughts by recording a video.

What can you do with crushmania?
*Meet new people
* See your profiles visitors,
* Visit your friends' profiles and see what they have shared and who has visited them,
* Browse and follow other popular profiles,
* Play with Crushbubbles to discover who is interested in you and your friends,
* Shake your phone to see interesting profiles,
* Swipe right to secretly crush people you want to meet! If they swipe back, its a match!
*Match with people and chat with them
*(Soon) With video post you can share your thoughts by recording a video.

Use your Crushpoints to reveal your secret admirers, send messages and see your profile visitors. Invite your friends to win more Crushpoints and find out who they're interested in.

And the best part: Crushmania is completely free to join and use! By using Crushmania you become more social and you can easily send message to new people.
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