Universal Tarot AR (Augmented Reality)

Universal Tarot AR (Augmented Reality)

Universal Tarot AR (Augmented Reality)

We are honored to make available an application using Augmented Reality technology for unique tarot reading experience. Take outputs of the cards on our website, open the Tarot AR app and adjust the camera on a card. See what happens.

How does it work ?

- TAROT AR is based on Universal Tarot Cards.
- You can find printable cards from our web site(www.creadof.com)
- Print and cut the cards.

- Now you are ready for a tarot reading.
- Shuffle the deck and select 3 cards. Put in order horizontally but do not change its
position vertically
- First one is your past. Second one is now and the third one is your future.
- Select "Start" button and camera screen will be opened
- Match the card and frame on the screen
- TAROT AR will detect the card and bring the meaning of the card.
- The cards have different meanings whether it is straight or reversed. You can select from the tabs on the left
- There are 78 universal cards defined in Tarot AR
- No internet is needed due to our design and programming

Please comment and share your experiences with Tarot AR. Our professional team is always ready to make improvements to create a better app for you.

Have fun!
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