ChargePoint: Find EV Charging

ChargePoint: Find EV Charging

ChargePoint: Find EV Charging

ChargePoint is the largest and most connected network of EV charging stations around. With charging spots from all major networks, the most real-time data and personalized features, our newest EV charging mobile app makes it easy to plug in wherever you go.

Highlights include:

Start Charge: Use your phone as a card. For select Android phones, you can tap your phone at the station (similar to tapping a card) to start a session. If your phone supports this feature, you can learn how to use it by going to “Manage Cards” in your Account.

Map: View electric vehicle charging station locations from all major networks with real-time information.

Speed: With a 3x faster map performance, you’ll find available EV charger stations quicker.

Notifications: Get real-time updates about your charging status.

ChargePoint Home: Install and control your home EV charging stations

Predictive Search: Quickly and easily find available charging stations near your destination.

Info You Need: Get car charging station details like real-time availability, pricing, power output, and much more.

My Spots: Favorite EV charging locations and easily access recently visited stations.

Satellite View: Find public EV charger stations down to the parking spot.

Navigate Your Way: Get turn-by-turn directions using the navigation app of your choice like Waze, Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Driver Tips: Leave and view tips about public charging stations and their locations.
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