Pushing a ball in the unbounded universe? Passing through various kinds of rolling obstacles? Hold your breath until you reach the end!

Color Ball: 3D Switch is a breathtaking classic free game that has been the choice of millions of mobile players! If you want to play a fun and exciting game, this should be your first choice!

IN Color Ball: 3D Switch, you guide a jumping ball through different geometry dash shapes with different colors. It’s very easy to play:
1) Tap the screen and drive the color ball jumping upward, guide it through obstacles of different colors.
2) The ball can pass through geometry obstacles with the same color, and will wipeout when it bumps into obstacles of a differing color.
3) In the infinite run mode, you can play the game infinitely. Break the records and never be satisfied!

1) 3D FOR THE FIRST TIME! Color ball has been a classic game play, but we made it more fun by modifying it into a 3D game.
2) EXCITING MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS! Play this free game with inspiring and beatbox music that’s so catching!
3) 4 MODES TO PLAY! Classic, Timed, Lights Out and Panic. Find your favorite.
4) 180 LEVELS TO CHALLENGE! Besides the classic endless run mode, there are 180 levels for you to break through!
5) MAGICAL REALISTIC GRAPHICS! The game play is designed with a backdrop of the immerse universe, decorated with magical colors, making it truly breath taking.
6) INTUITIVE & SMOOTH CONTROL! Just tap the screen and drive the color ball jumping, simple and challenging!
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