CSV Portal File Viewer

CSV Portal File Viewer

CSV Portal File Viewer

CSV Portal is a straightforward comma-separated value (CSV/TSV) file viewer. Features include support for viewing large CSV files and automatic delimiter detection.

CSV Viewer Features:
   ☑ Built-in file explorer
   ☑ Recently viewed files
   ☑ File column headers or default headers (e.g. A, B, C ...)
   ☑ Sort columns in ascending/descending order
   ☑ Font sizes: Small, Normal, Large, Huge
   ☑ Customizable column widths
   ☑ Alternate row shading
   ☑ Forward or backward file searching
   ☑ Easy scrolling to top or bottom of file
   ☑ Fast vertical scrolling option for slower Android devices

This app is free with no embedded advertisements, no data tracking and no required logins.

Any questions or comments? Send us an email.
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