iControl DCS is here for Android with a new name!

DCS Virtual Cockpit allows you to connect your Android device with Digital Combat Simulator's A-10C Warthog flight simulation. Allowing you to control the simulator by touching your screen.

Never fumble for your mouse in the heat of the moment again!

No key mappings to fiddle with. No hand editing config files. Just install the server, configure your display and we'll handle the rest!

Here are some of the functions it provides

• Crisp and clean 100% original graphics
• Customizable layout - arrange your views and panels any way you want!
• Live single MFCD displays (left and right) with working buttons (Available via in-app purchase)
• Live CDU display with working buttons (Available via in-app purchase)
• Live Caution and Warning panel (Avilable via in-app purchase)
• UFC panel with working buttons (Available via in-app purchase)
• Supports multiple devices. Connect two devices at once and display Different MFDs on each!
• LASTE panel
• Slew and Coolie hat controls

System Requirements:
• Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World with A-10C Addon
• Microsoft Windows
• DCS VC Server available at http://www.bit-shift.com/
• Due to limitations in the simulator, live MFCDs must be repeated on your monitor.
• Due to limitations in the simulator, the sim will be forced to run in full screen windowed mode
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