Bitopia City - Trade in Cash

Bitopia City - Trade in Cash

Bitopia City - Trade in Cash

City Building - just got better !

Play for real cash in this fun filled property buying and selling world. Plan your purchases in any of the city units within various buildings while earning developer points to discover new and more profitable cities. Earn from 6 increasing upgrade levels to fill your pockets with profits from every property sold. Play safe and own a few units at a time or be a Tycoon and envy of all in town. Develop and expand your empire through 16 cities and elite areas to keep you smiling all the way to the bank.

* Build your profile - Control your profits

Regal Coins is a welcome sound as you fill up your vault with this Bitopia currency. Choose to re-invest or pay out your profits at any time with your profile settings. Get, buy , sell and exchange your Regals back to your currency with greatest of ease.

* Be up to date - know your worth

Receive E-mail or SMS notifications of your own properties bought and sold and grab the next available units up for sale !

* Show off your Achievements - sharing is profitable

Play with or challenge friends to develop with you and make the city yours !! Who will climb through the city rankings first..who will be the ultimate property developer Tycoon ?? No matter how you choose to play every transaction is a winner and only you can decide how big your smile or vault should be !!

- Get free start up in-game currency on registration
- Earn real money back in your pocket
- Easy to play transaction friendly interface
- Easy top up menu to load Regals to use in-game as currency
- Setup profile to manage payments, notifications and more
- Tablet support
- Variety of graphics settings
- Free flowing gameplay with great profitable rewards and achievements
- Currencies: BTC, Cash and PayPal, Token Regals
- Collect profit from your units sold in 6 different levels
- Each transaction upgrades the unit
- Help your friends and family develop their cities into profitable platforms
- Unlock new towns and cities
- Collect developer stars and unlock new towns and cities
- Collect Token Regal stars to open new elite cities and purchase level 0 units in any unlocked city
- Expand your empire from coast to coast
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