Extreme Army Commando Missions

Extreme Army Commando Missions

Extreme Army Commando Missions

Aim, shoot and kill the enemies of the nation in this prestigious first person shooter action game that is all about shooting and survival with your strategy. Extreme Army commando missions is the #1 3d FPS realistic shooting thriller game available on play store.

This is call of duty from your senior army officer in this stormy and rainy weather, you have to invade enemies far far away in the jungle, we will provide helicopter in order to reach the destination. As enemies of the nation has stolen the unique and precious diamond which is the one and only in the world and is your nation's property. So as an army commando officer and well trained elite member, go and get into the enemy territory and get it back to your country. Complete the challenging missions strategically to clear the area from brutal enemies. Game consists of different battle areas each with different scenarios. You are supposed to kill all enemies with powerful and destructive guns. Go and kill the enemies before they kill you.In order to navigate you through area, Digital radar system will help you shows the locations and movements of enemies.

Main Missions::
1) Diamond procurement
2) Senior officer Rescue.

How to Play:
- Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy.
- Use joystick to move the player.
- Tap Fire button located at right bottom of your smart phone.
- Use fire button to shoot.
- Zoom in to perfect aim and kill the enemy and then zoom out if required.
- Use reload button to reload gun.
- Use left and right buttons to change weapons.
- Thrilling missions that will amaze you.
- Game with User friendly GUI and controls.
- Support for HD devices.
- Good quality sound effects used in the game.
- Efficient weapon controls & movement.
- Realistic game play.
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Extreme Army Commando Missions 1.7

نسخه: 1.7

تاریخ بروزرسانی: 26 June 2017

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