AZT Push to Talk Walky Talky

AZT Push to Talk Walky Talky

AZT Push to Talk Walky Talky

Azetti PTT It is professional Push to Talk application compatible with OMA standards. Azetti PTT is a modern substitute for two way radios that turns your phone or tablet into a Walkie Talkie type of communication. Just press the button once and everyone can hear you talking - release the button and hear others talking back to you. All functionality works in real time and all users connected to the group receive voice immediately when someone presses the button. Azetti PTT is a perfect tool to communicate between corporate users i.e. taxi drivers, delivery companies, construction workers, truck drivers and public/private safety users.

IMPORTANT: The application requires Push-to-talk account activation and a monthly subscription. If you want to create an Account for your business, please send us email to for purchasing information.

PROVIDER CODES: North and South America: aztam , Europe/Africa/Middle East: aztsp , Asia/Australia aztsg


- Voice Recording
- Prority calls
- Voice group communication with several users - different type of groups available
- Instant personal talk - One-to-one call
- Instant Messages – 1 to 1 or Group messages - just send message to your group and all connected members will receive it
- Instant Personal Alert - callback requests
- Contact list and Groups are stored on remote server - not needed anymore to copy contacts when you change the handset
- Very low data usage 55KB for 1min talk/listen
- Accepted  list / Blocked list(reject) - managed from the handset
- Option to map hardware and headset button for PTT 
- Nicknames
- Group Active Members list - check who is connected to group
- Handset configuration by SMS
OS has to support WapPush messages
- Able to communicate with all Nokia handsets with native PTT client
- users GPS location
- users status - presence service

If you have any queries please contact us:
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