Biathlon manager 2017 lets you guide a biathlete on a road to World Cups and Winter games. You will manage many tactical and strategic sport aspects such as hiring support biathlon team members, selecting proper equipment, training and participating in tournaments! You have to take care of finances by signing sponsor contracts and working during other activities. Finally, you can meet legendary biathletes who can help your own biathlete to improve even more!

However, you have only 30 years of your career to win Winter games! Will you accept the challenge?


- Easy to play but hard to master.
- Introduction walkthrough for every detail of Biathlon Manager 2017.
- Dozens of achievements and quests.
- Almost 30 tournaments around the world with unique race combinations from sprint 9km with 2 shooting rounds to insanely difficult 36km with 8 shooting rounds including classical Individual races and Pursuit.
- You have a chance to meet many legendary biathletes who will help you during your career!
- Sign sponsor contracts to earn even more money for better equipment and training.
- Many activities (e.g. send your biathlete to sell beer in a pub to earn some extra cash or to ski resort in mountains to relax before a biathlon tournament). Many more of them you can unlock while playing the Biathlon Manager 2017.
- Random events (e.g. injuries).
- Support staff and team members (skiing, shooting coaches and physiotherapists).
- Equipment (skis and rifles).
- Every new biathlete is different.
- Prove your management skills in the most exiting winter sport game and get on the top in the Hall of Fame! Who knows, maybe you are the next Ole Einar Bjørndalen!


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